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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 16, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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tt0w!tx#h_!!%4@-j] tt0w!tx#h_!!el@-@zl tt0w!tx#h_!!ed@-fx( tt0w!tx#h_%!)8h-&&t tt0w!tx#h_%!kzh-;i( tt0w!tx#h_%!n-h-n $ tt0w!tx#h_%!0ph-pg< tt0w!tx#h_%!s"h-@5\ tt0w!tx#h_%!ueh-cw, tt0w!tx#h_%!7hh-_ux . the flood disaster in utah widens. at least four hikers are dead and more are missing. following monday's floods that swept through a canyon community, killing at least 12 people there. the drug pours in and the money pours out. >> donned trump tunes ub before tonight's republican debate but the gop front-runner is blasted by one potential contender not yet in the race. >> this isn't about democrat/republican. it's about a sick message. big changes could be coming to your facebook feed. the social network promises to go beyond the like button. on-field attack. a high school football player is caught on camera swinging a helmet at an opponent's head. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, september
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16th, 2015. good morning. good to be with us. i'm anne-marie green. we still don't know the full scope of the devastation of monday's flash flood ruins in utah. this morning, crews are searching for three missing hikers in a park and the bodies of four other hikers have been recovered. they couldn't escape the fast moving floodwaters and the group were warned that flooding was likely. just to the south, the same flash floods killed at least 12 people, when a wall of water swept away two vehicles near the utah/arizona border. residents say it's the worst flood in memory. chris miller of our salt lake city station be kutva reports from the town of hildale. >> i've lived here all my life and never seen anything like this. >> reporter: they call this rain a worst of 100-year event.
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>> this is the one of the worst disasters in the state of utah and because of that we are bringing the full resources of the state there. >> reporter: 24 hours later, crews and volunteers were clearing roads of debris and cars and miles downstream on the flooded shore creek, they were looking for body. >> oh, no! two vehicles! >> reporter: virginia black recorded this video as she watched help lesslessly from her balance cony. >> reporter: it plunged over a cliff in her front yard. >> i just feel for them. i've got seven children of my own and i'm just -- >> reporter: sixteen people were believed to be in those two vehicles. 12 confirmed dead and one still missing. >> a couple of the individuals yesterday was a hand in the hand.
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>> reporter: the identity of the victims have not been released. >> two of them made it out and the rest of the family are either missing or dead and that includes his wife. >> reporter: for cbs news, i'm chris miller, reporting in hildale, utah. firefighters are making some headway as they battle through massive fires in northern california. some evacuates got their first look at what is left of their neighborhoods. the valley fire north of napa valley is the most destructive in state history. 600 homes and thousands of buildings are destroyed and 13,000 residents have been displaced and many have lost everything. >> i still can't fathom this really happened. i have a home and i just want to go home at the end of the day and i can't, and that is where i feel. i can't go home. >> reporter: the butte fire east of sacramento destroyed over 230 homes. it's 40% contained. tonight in california, the
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republicans hold their second presidential debate. eleven candidates will take part with donald trump once again taking center stage. so far, trump has dominated the campaign but tonight he may have a target on his back. don champion reports. >> reporter: on the eve of the next debate, republican front-runner donald trump stood aboard the decommissioned "uss iowa" last night and declared his opponent lacked the ability to negotiate on the world stage. >> they are very nice people. but they are never going to do anything with these countries. it's just going to be more of the same. >> reporter: the billionaire then returned to one of his signature issues -- immigration. >> we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. it's not going to happen any more. >> reporter: while supporters cheered. protesters booed the candidate not far away. tonight, ten of his opponent
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will trooy to challenge him on specifics something neurosurgeon ben carson said he would do leading up to the debate. >> i'm not particularly interested in any person particularly attacking them. >> reporter: a new cbs news/"the new york times" poll shows carson within four points of trump among republican primary voters and others saw a bump in carly fee reno whoiorino will try to build on that tonight. >> don, i know all of the talk is about the republicans and what is going on with them, but what about the democratic party? what does the poll say about the democrats? >> reporter: it's pretty interesting. it shows flipping support for hillary clinton while she still hoeds a 20-point lead over her vermont bernie sanders she is seeing considerable erosion in the support in the past month, even among women. that cbs news poll finds 54% of democratic women prefer clinton
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as the nominee but that is down from 61% in august. and last month, 78% of democratic voters thought clinton gave them the best chance that winning the general election, that's now down to 55%. >> and i guess now, you can't talk about the democrats without kind of bringing up vice president biden. even though he hasn't said whether or not he is running, but, yesterday, he kind of sounded like he was campaigning. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the vice president didn't pull any punches while speaking did donald trump speaking at an event yesterday. he called trump's stand on immigration sick. >> one guy that is denigrateingeing an entire group of people and base of human nature and working on this notion of xenophobia away that hasn't occurred in a long time, since the no-nothing party back at the end of the 19th century. >> reporter: biden went on to that i is a trump's position
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will not prevail. as he closed his speech, the crowd chanted for him to run. >> very interesting. don champ here in new york, thank you, don. >> we will have more on what to expect in tonight's debate coming up on "cbs this morning" and coverage continues tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern on cbsn. overseas. austria has tougher controls on austria has tougher controls on its border are hungary. anyone trying to enter was turned back and anyone trying to sneak over the border was arrested. the past two days, nearly 10,000 refuges have been rounded up. prosecutors in pennsylvania plan to charge more than 30 members of a fraternity in the hazing death of a baruch college student who died after a hazing incident in 2013 in the poconos. five of the fraternity members
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are facing murder charges. prosecutors say the students delayed getting the student medical attention. >> the police, they tried to hide evidence and a lot of that was trying to cover up and hide the attorney's involvement in this case. >> reporter: by the time deng was brought to the hospital he was unresponsive and he died the next day. just ahead on the "morning news," breaking her silence. the woman who survived the on-air shooting of two tv journalists makes her her public comments. a stunt gone wrong. an escape artist who appears to have a brush with death. this is the "cbs morning news." and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. after brushing, listerine total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care to the total family. listerine total care.
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an escape stunt appears to be wrong high above a new jersey street tuesday. professional dare devil spencer horseman was wrapped in chains inside a water-filled box and hoisted up inside a theater, but he kneed help getting out when he couldn't undone one of the last locks. horseman got out safely and he
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was taken to the hospital. but emergency officials are unable to say if the incident was a hoax. two students were killed in a school bus accident in houston. the bus was heavily damaged as it rolled off a highway overpass on the way to school tuesday. three people on the bus were injured. investigators say a car being driven by a teacher hit the bus as it tried to avoid hitting another vehicle. vicki gardner, the sole survivor of the deadly shooting on live tv in virginia, is gardner was interviewed by fox news and she talked about the death of reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward who were shot by a former coworker last month. gardner says he was is not initially wounded but decided to play dead. >> i just fell to the ground as though i had been hit and went into fetal position, because i felt as though he was going to shoot me in the head.
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and so i needed to hide that, so if he thought he already had, but he did come back up and shot me in the back. >> gardner survived the wound in the back and she is recovering. straight ahead, fan fight. 49ers fans are caught on video punching and kicking a viking fan outside the stadium. and facebook is working on expressing some new emotions. then tap, swipe, and go. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc retinol correxion . one week, fine lines appear to fade. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother.
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ask a question? >> please. >> thorough, what should i ask tim cook? >> do me a favor. ask him when i'm going to get a raise. >> apple ceo tim cook on "the late show" with stephen colbert last night. he brought along the iphone 6s. he says the company expects the new iphone to smash sales records. he always gets all of the best toys! the founder of amazon has plans to blast off firing on florida's space coast and is facebook considering a dislike button?
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jill bag wagner is at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: the federal reserve two-day meeting today. the fed may decide to raise interest rates for the first time in nearly ten years. the central bank's benchmark interest rate has been close to zero for about seven years, supporting both the economy and the stock market. shares on wall street closed higher, despite reports that showed some weakness in the economy. that would bolster arguments the fed won't raise rates. the s&p gained 25. the nasdaq finished 54 points higher. stocks in asia finished hire on bargain hunting. hong kong's hang seng gained 2%. another layoff at hewlett-packard and they are cutting up 30,000 jobs. data analysis division is where the jobs will come from. up to 12% of the workers at the newly formed enterprise will lose their jobs and expected to
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be complete at the end of the month. jeff b says his blue origin company will build and launch rockets from cape ka and a half vel. he says the first launch will happen by the end of the decade. he plans to launch satellites first and then people. retail giant target is testing a grocery delivery service. the pilot program is under way in minneapolis. target is partnering with the grocery delivery service insta carter. the items are online. delivery fees depend on the size and speed of the order and target says it may offer that service in other cities. subway founder passed was he. he died monday two years after being diagnosed with leukemia. he opened his first sandwich shop in 1968 when he was 17! to help pay for college. today, subway is the world's largest restaurant chain with more than 44,000 locations.
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he was 67 years old. >> subway company has been having a tough few months. jill, before you go, what is this we are hearing about facebook adding a dislike button? >> it doesn't sound like the. ceo mark zuckerberg says like isn't appropriate when you want to express sympathy but the company is considering a new dislike button and that new button should be tested soon. should be interesting. >> i'm giving that idea a dislike. i feel like people are very comfortable expressing their dislike on facebook the way it is already. i don't know. >> sorry, go on. >> what were you going to say? >> i do feel like people use the like to express sympathy on posts as well, so to your point. >> i think we understand. is there a lot of negativity on
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has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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a disturbing attack was caught on video outside levi stadium after monday's game. 49er fans were kicking and punching a lone viking fan. staff members tried to break it you. the person who took the sooedvideo said the the fans had been arguing before the fight. another high school football player accused of behaving badly on the field and remains suspended from his new jersey
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school today. >> reporter: the lyndon high school football tigers took the practice field minus one of their senior starters. number 1, fritz moncuon suspected after a city light low light. he is fighting on the field and he ends up with hoffman's helmet in his hands and he swings and strikes hoffman on the head before tossing the helmet away. lyndon parents were shocked at the bad behavior of one of their footballers. >> he should know better than to do that. >> is there no place for that on the field. not at all. >> reporter: hoffman is a junior and they say he needed ten stitches to close a head wound. many are praising hoffman for his sportsmanship and not retaliating. >> he did a good job. he done a very good job. a lot of restraint. >> reporter: in a statement, the lyndon superintendent says the district is taking this very seriously and says, quote, by no
4:22 am
means is this a reflection of our school or athletic team. momucio posted on instagram he is suspended and off the team for now adding it wasn't purposely, though, apparently referring to the video hit. he sent the video to the lyndon police who said they are reviewing the incident for possible charges. in lyndon, new jersey, tony ialo for cbs news. in baseball, another tense showdown in texas. the rangers and the astros fighting head-to-head for first place in the a.l. west. mitch moreland hits a ninth inning sacrifice fly that scored what turned out to be the winning run. the rangers beat the astros 6-5 and move into first place for the first time this year. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the first look inside new york's newest subway line. i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news." i'm feeling lucky. today is the day.
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construction workers in philadelphia are busy putting to go the stage to be used by pope francis next saturday. they are building a roof structure to cover the stage for the festival of families and will cover the sanctuary for the papal mass on sunday. about 3,000 people have revolved in the stage project. even if you don't make it to see pope francis in person you can still reach out to him. it's a contest that has sense of humor. the women's charity gets 10,000. mark moreman of our local cbs station explains. >> reporter: joke with the pope is where you can submit a funny joke or story. after clicking you can spend one of three countries to support. the joke with the pope campaign was the brain child of father andrew small. >> you could make a donation and
4:26 am
we are always asking for money. why not donate a joke, a piece of humor to the father charities and a off-beat way to get into it. >> reporter: cardinal timothy dolan has submitted a story. >> the archdiocese is growing and getting bigger and bigger and he stopped me so is the arch bishop. i thought, great, now i have a statement that i'm fat. any way, he laughed. i didn't. i hope do you. >> reporter: i asked new yorkers what joke they might submit. >> walking down the street, what happened to the other peanut? he got assaulted! >> reporter: do you think you'd win the contest with that one? >> probably not. probably not. >> probably make a jewish joke, because i'm jewish. >> reporter: do you think that is the way to go? >> i think i lost. >> reporter: the contest winner will be given the title honorary
4:27 am
comedic title to the pope and can donate the money to a charity of their choice. >> you have to be comfortable saying in front of the pope. >> reporter: the deadline for submitting your joke is october 27nd 2nd. a panel led by bill murray will help choose the winner. >> that was mark morgan reporting. for younger fans of the pope, philadelphia's franklin institute of art is displaying a lego replica of the vatican and comes complete with the pope on the balcony and it was instructed by father simon. he says he used about 500,000 lego pieces and i actually saw that the other week. it's pretty impressive. not kids play at all. a pope mini? it's a special order. coming up after are local news on "cbs this morning," flight safety concerns. a flaw in the air traffic control system. in our "pushing limits" series a
4:28 am
look at how to travel at the speed of sound. and pink floyd's founding memory roger waters joins us in the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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